Temporary Outdoor Services Permit (TOSP)

The City of Huntington Park is offering stage three businesses an opportunity to continue providing services safely by establishing temporary outdoor services guidelines. Business owners of hair salons, barbershops, gyms and fitness, places of worship, and personal care (nail shops, skincare, etc.) related business may now apply for a Temporary Outdoor Services Permit to extend service areas to outside areas. Under the Temporary Outdoor Services guidelines, the allowed areas are within a private property (parking lot).

The business must follow the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's Protocol for the following Appendices once the permit has been acquired, click on appendix for details:

Appendix F - Protocol for Places of worship

Appendix H - Protocol for Reopening Hair Salons and Barbershops

Appendix L - Protocol for Reopening Gyms and Fitness Establishments

Appendix R - Protocol for Reopening Personal Care

Infection Control and physical distancing requirements shall be in place at all times during business hours of operation.

Application for Temporary Outdoor Service Permit (TOSP) are processed by the Planning Department Division within the Community Development Department. The Temporary Outdoor Services Permit is only allowed within the General Commercial (CG), Commercial Professional (CP), Commercial Neighborhood (CN), and Downtown Specific Plan (DTSP) Zones of the City. State, County, and other city's permits are not allowed within the City of Huntington Park's Boundaries. Review the Huntington Park Zoning Map here.

General Outdoor Services Requirements

Application Process